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    Unable to sign in to Lightroom mobile (iPhone)


      Hi All,


      I'm from Malaysia and i've recently purchased creative cloud only because my trial period (Lightroom mobile - iPhone) just ended. The package i selected was RM 29.90 which of course it was the most promising one and it clearly stated that i would be able to use the:-

      • Latest version of Photoshop
      • Latest version of Lightroom desktop, mobile, and web

      I've been trying and trying to connect via my mobile and it keeps telling me that the trial has expired and i should update my subscription to continue using Lightroom mobile. Well this is most definitely and extremely frustrating cause it was supposed to be automatically detecting the id used to purchase my cloud services. I hope I'm pretty clear here and looking forward for any assistance.


      P/S: I've successfully received an email confirming my purchase. Tq