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    How to fix Error 2032 on Windows 10 with Firefox 40?

    RobvR Level 1

      I just updated the Adobe Flash player to This was the first Flash Player update since I installed Windows 10 a few days ago. Now I get the error code 2032 when I go to watch a streamed video feed like http://srv03.sittyweb.nl/~sitecam202/site_component.php?uname=UHJvUmFpbA%3D%3D&cid=NDk3 in my default browser Firefox version 40.0.

      Earlier today I checked the same feed with the prefious version of the player and firefox 39.0.3 and that worked just fine / as expected.


      I have tried to reïnstall the version of the Flash Player, but then got the same Error 2032.


      Any Ideas on how to fix the Error 2032?


      error 2032.jpg