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    lightroom serial number


      Good day.My laptop just crashed and all my files and programs were lost including lightroom 4.I was trying to install it again but it is asking for a serial number and I cannot find it.There are number in the box but it is not working.How can I or where can I find the serial number of my copy?Need help..Really.Thank you very much.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you ever registered your LR 4 with Adobe then your serial number would be visible after logging into adobe.com, clicking Manage Account, then a couple more View Products or All Products links beyond that.  The serial number for LR starts with 1160 and is 24 digits in six groups of 4 digits, no letters.


          If you cannot find it from logging into adobe.com then start up a chat session starting with the Learning & Support link on the adobe.com Menu and answer the questions about what product and what area you’re looking for help with—in this case setting up and activation/licensing or something like that.


          This is an open, public forum and we wouldn’t have access to your records to look up your serial number, ourselves, and usually Adobe staff doesn’t frequent this forum.