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    Is it possible to clone pages set to a Master A page, but change 1 layer in the Object Layer Options for the newly cloned pages?

    joshs73460369 Level 1

      Confused? Me too...


      Basically I am making an 87 page book. I have a total of 4 Master Pages. Master A has a a few placed graphics on it in the background, Master by is simply a duplication of Master A, but the images are upside down instead. My Master C & D are different placed objects, but still follows the same formula as I mentioned before. Now, when I make the first 7 pages of the book based on Master A everything is good. I then make 10 pages based on Master B, and still, everything is good. I get to Master C and create about 20 pages, and I do the same for Master D.


      At this point I now have 57 pages in my pages window. What I know need to express is that the placed artwork that is in the background has a second layer to it. One layer has balloons, the other beach balls. The art was created in Illustrator just in case that's important. What I am trying to do is duplicate the 20 pages I made based on Masters C & D, but simply change one layer to another using the Object Layer Options feature in some way. I don't want to make a Master E & F with the new graphics because each of the 20 pages I made is slightly different in some way.


      Does anyone know of a script or a possible way to make this quick and easy without doing Object Layer Options 20 times?