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    Why is the black background rectangle printing faded/gray when I place an image on top of it?


      At the company I work for, we use InDesign to create booklets with images of our architecture projects. Leadership insists on a pure black background to display the images on top of. Unfortunately, this has stopped working recently. Now, when I place a black rectangle (Rich black OR 100% black) and place an image (CMYK, JPG) on top of it, the black rectangle prints faded and gray. If I print a page with just the black rectangle, it prints out perfectly. Jet black.


      Like I mentioned, I've tried rich and 100% black, CMYK images, RGB images, JPG, TIFF, everything I can think to do. We have also involved our printer rep, Canon, and they have tried altering many different settings on the fiery. Nothing helps.


      Does anyone have a suggestion?