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    Animation playback problems with Firefox on PCs


      Calling all PC using Genei!


      We are currently switching over from Flash to HTML5 but are currently having an issue with the HTML5 banners we have created while viewing them in Firefox on a PC.

      I am hoping you will be able to suggest a fix for us.


      When the ads start playing we are seeing the graphics and logos flickering while they are animating in. It only seems to happen on assets that are scaling while animating in.

      This seems to be a Firefox PC specific issue as I cannot see this when viewed on a Mac, only on PC and seems fine in all other browsers.

      I have tried researching this issue and have not been able to find a fix for it.


      Here are links to two links of the ads:

      http://origin.demo.mediamind.com/multiDemo/redoDemo.html?ids=29553828&ws=300&hs=250&ls=100 &ts=100&type=AD

      http://origin.demo.mediamind.com/multiDemo/redoDemo.html?ids=29549091&ws=120&hs=600&ls=100 &ts=100&type=AD

      Remember to view them in Firefox on a PC to see the errors.

      If you are on FF on a PC and don't see the errors please let me know!!


      Can you or your Adobe technical guys (a) see the same issue, (b) come up with a suggestion why this is happening,  or (c) find a fix to stop it.





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          dSparks Level 1

          I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with PC Firefox issues!

          However, when I viewed your links, I didn't see any issues of flickering. (Windows 10, FF 40.0.2)

          Did you find a fix? If so, could you please post?


          My issue is a animation glitch near the end of the animation. It only appears on PC FF. Both Windows 10 and 7.

          There are two things puzzling me:

          It only happens on the sizes of 300x250 even though I built these first and spun off the other sizes using Save As...

          When I open the Developer Inspector and open up the arrows to view the contents of the divs, the issue goes away. When I close the DI, it returns.

          Link here:



          A side issue: The button text renders with extra space above "Register Now" in FF on both Mac and PC but more so on PC. Renders fine elsewhere.

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            neilb1969 Level 1

            Afternoon All


            It seems I have found my own solution by simply updating the version of FireFox!

            I was originally viewing it in version 38.0.3 but since it has been updated to version 40.0 the animation is running smoothly.





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              dSparks Level 1

              Thanks Neil for the update!

              Unfortunately, my issue still persists.



              However, I did fix the extra space above the text in FF.

              I simply dialed down the leading (line-height) to be same as the size of text. Text = 10px thus, Leading is 10px.

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                dSparks Level 1

                Fixed my issue!


                Apparently, FF on PC didn’t like the way the second photo completed the slide in and then proceed upward along with the gradient bar.

                Noticing that the others don't have this glitch, the one main difference was that pause between the slide in and up.


                Getting rid of that, by;

                • drawing in the gradient animation earlier to coincide with the second photo slidein,
                • deleting the upward animation on the photo,
                • and repositioning the second photo to be static on the y-axis throughtout


                ended the glitch.

                Thanks everyone.