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    Illustrator files linked in InDesign CC display incorrectly when the document is exported as a PDF

    JessJoy Level 1

      Hello all,


      I am having an issue with an Ai file linked in my InDesign CC document displaying incorrectly when I export the document as a PDF. In the Illustrator file, I created five circles each with a two-color gradient (the second color in all of these circles is orange). They display correctly in InDesign. When I print from InDesign the colors and objects are visible. However, when I export the document as a pdf, all but one of the circles vanishes. When I expanded the gradients as gradient meshes in the Illustrator file, more of the circles appeared, but still not all. Finally, I rebuilt two of these circles in InDesign with a gradient and those exported correctly to PDF.


      In short, I've managed to make the file work, but it seems odd that InDesign would have issues exporting linked Ai files. Has anyone else had issues with linked files during export? Are there any tips on how to prevent this from happening?