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    Lightoom sync with Creative Cloud




      I now have Lightroom CC on my desktop and Lightroom Mobile on mu iPad and Samsung smart phone.


      I can post to the cloud from the desktop and see the images on my other portable devices, OK so far.


      Now if I use one of my portable devices to publish to the Cloud each portable device can see the results, my desktop however sees the collection name and displays no photographs.  The 'Sync with Lightroom Mobile' reads 'Syncing 1 photo' (I Only selected one to try) but doesn't download anything.


      The images can be seen through 'Help', 'View your synced collections on the web' so I know they are there.


      I have re-installed Lightroom CC twice now and also done the same with Lightroom mobile and still nothing.


      Last night an Adobe representative took control of my machine remotely to try and resolve the issue but also couldn't fathom out the problem.  He deleted some sync files but alas no progress.


      I seek any guidance to help resolve my issue.


      Windows 10 machine

      32gB Ram

      i7 Processor

      SSD in Raid 0








      Anyone here able to help?