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    How to replace cast members?


      I've been asked to update a director file (I have the .dir file), by my boss as the person who was looking after it previously has left. However, I can't quite figure out how to replace an image (say a button) with an updated image while still keeping all the scripts and behaviours attached to it. I don't know lingo at all and the scripts look pretty long so recreating it would take a long time, surely there must be an easier way to replace images? I'm using MX as well.

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          Open the file in Director and look in the Cast window. Click once on
          the old graphic that you are removing so it is highlighted. Hit Delete
          on the keyboard and it will disappear. Immediately after that, right
          click in that same cast slot and choose Import. Select the new graphic
          that you will be putting into the place of the old one. It will come in
          and beset up exactly as the old one was, with the same score animation
          and scripts. It would be best if your graphics are EXACTLY the same
          size as the original ones or they may get squashed/stretched depending
          upon how the original person set up the file.
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            Mike, you are an absolute star, thanks a lot. Working perfectly.