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    Flash Form to ASP/jmail question


      I am developing a web site and rather than pop-up a form within a new web page, I wanted the user to fill out a flash created form and then pass the keyed input into my javascript/asp page and send an email using jmail.

      I am using Flash, Javascript, ASP

      I have frames set up on the page. One frame is the flash module. The other frame is hidden and has a web page with scripts that I call and execute from the flash program.

      How do I pass the variables/parameters to the script?

      Within Flash, do I use LoadVars (ex: var oFTransmit:LoadVars = new LoadVars();...)
      ...to create a collection of variables ...and then how do I get it to the page from within Flash?

      ..then how do I receive the variables from within the script?

      any help would br greatly appreciated.