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    A scratch disk (?) issue

    Jimmer Shine Level 1

      Hi. I am in the process of producing a large book that I wasn't having trouble with until I went to a printer who unchecked the compression on output boxes, and as a result created a gigantic file.

      The problem is that I didn't have enough space on my hard drive (where I WASN'T pointing it to save), but I think because it needed more than the 25 gigabytes I had, what happened is that my drive fully filled up!
      107 (actually a 125GB) gigabytes with 25 open should be enough, but after the freeze and crash, I inspected my computer for errors and the C drive was ComPleteLy full~
      So the file kind of used my C drive as a scratch disk, right? So now I've got unfindable ones and zeros filling up space~ Yikes!  I've only been able to use my computer at this point because I've uninstalled a bunch of Adobe programs to make room. I still don't have as much space free as before~ And I can't find this scratch disk collection of data.  I've used CCleaner to no avail.

      Any hints on how to deal with this would be great.


      Using Microsoft 10, on a Dell Precision M3800, 128g/8g


      Thanks a ton!