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    Strange behavior upon beginning re-author

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      I have just began re-authoring a several years old project originally authored w/ Director 8.5. It is a hybrid project so I am editing a Mac & PC version. I am using the same computers and software I originally used to author the projects.

      I am, however, not seeing one of my very first cast members (an animated gif) appear during playback on the Mac when I create a projector there. All I have done is open the original archived .dir file and then create a projector and after it finishes view it. This first cast member shows up fine on the pc when I make a projector out or the PC project.

      Shouldn't the saved .dir file keep all the same xtras since they were internal?

      Also I can't remember if I had "animate in background" turned on or off when I originally authored. Which will give the best playback preformance?

      Why is this member not showing up on the Mac? Help appreciated.

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          Director should automatically include xtras required to render any
          members in the movie included in the projector. The information
          provided in modify / movie / xtras menu, specifies which xtras are
          needed, you might dowble check this manually adding the xtra as needed.

          It's possible to import a gif as a bitmap, rather than an animation, in
          this case the xtra might not be added to the list.