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    video questions


      I just upgraded to Elements 13 from 10 and want to make a simple slideshow.  I want to use several songs from my ITunes collection. Will I be able to,do that with Premiere elements.  I can not get the music converted for the earlier version and hate that the controls in 13 are more limited on timing and changes between slides. If I can not add my own music with Premiere Elemends what program would work

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          What do you want to do - create your slideshow in the Elements Organizer 13/13.1 Slideshow Builder and then what....burn to disc in Premiere Elements 13/13.1? Or something else?


          Elements Organizer 13/13.1 has a new slideshow which is not integrated to Premiere Elements as in the past. It produces AVCHD.mp4 720p or 1080p slideshow that you can import into a Premiere Elements project using Premiere Elements' Add Media/Files and Folders. And their is no "break apart Elements Organizer Slideshow" this time.


          If you have more than 1 song for your Elements Organizer Slideshow, I would ask you to consider building and exporting your slideshow solely in Premiere Elements Editor.


          Reminder, import of iTunes music usually triggers an import error on the Premiere Elements side. The remedy is to convert the iTunes music to the WAV version in iTunes and then import the WAV version into the project. Please see iTunes: How to convert a song to a different file format - Apple Support


          I will comment further in the morning morning.


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            I am trying to use Photoshop 10 to create a slideshow.  I purchased The upgrade to 13 but don't like the lack of options it seems to have.  I would upgrade to Premiere Elements but just not sure it is truly worth the extra expense which is my question.  I can import some music all MP3 but not all to Photoshop 10 and Photoshop 13 seems to want to let me use only one song and it cuts off some of the pictures. I will burn it when I am done or in this case just drag my computer four hours top,at the show...it is that big of a deal.    am truly frustrated and use Photoshop on a daily basis just not to make slideshows.   I would upgrade to the full version and pay the monthly fee but not sure whT version totter or if it would limit my creativity as much as this has.


            Thanks for your response


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              Unless you want the instant bells and whistles of the version 13/13.1's 720p and 1080p slideshows, stay with your Elements Organizer 10 Slideshow Editor Slideshow.


              You can get more than one song in the slideshow that you are building in 10.


              Have you found that you can get all the music files into the Elements Organizer 10 Slideshow Editor Slideshow if you convert them to the WAV version in iTunes or Audacity before you import them into the slideshow? Or, is there no way that you can get those problem files to import in 10? Have you compared adding the music after you get into the Premiere Elements Editor?


              If you output the slideshow with Edit with Premiere Elements Editor, the movie version of the slideshow that is transferred to the Premiere Elements Timeline can be broken apart with the Break Apart Elements Organizer Slideshow (right click the movie and select that command from the menu that appears).


              When you talk about upgrade to full version and monthly fee, are you referring to Premiere Pro? Premiere Elements is not sold on a subscription version basis. And, the trial version is the full version.


              Please consider.


              Thank you.