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    Adobe Connect Add-In Crashes When Sharing Webcam

    jwilson2007 Level 1

      I'm in need of help.  I'm trying to use the Adobe Connect Add-In for some meetings, but any time I click the "Share Webcam" option it gives an error that the Adobe Connect Add-In has stopped working.  I have attempted in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.  I don't believe the browser is the issue because the meeting itself loads fine in either.  It is the separate Add-In that crashes.  It does not even bring up the dialog box to allow or deny access.  It crashes before that box comes up.


      Some background information:

      ASUS T100

      Windows 10

      Adobe Connect 9 Add-In (Version 9.2.2)

      Adobe Flash Player 18 NPAPI


      I'm attempting to use the built in webcam.  It works on other sites such as www.testmywebcam.net.  Any help is appreciated because right now I have to use another computer in order to share a webcam.