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    edge animate crash on IOS ipad 7.1


      hello i work for 3 weeks about this project.

      it was a war about 1000 troubles and script"""!!!!

      so now i solved all i upload on server...

      i test on windows ( chrome, firefox, explorer)... : ALL GOOD.

      i open my ipad i try and....BAD NEWS..

      open preloader and after 3-4 second crash....

      i try with safari, chrome ( on ipad ) and the same.

      i tried with and without preolader, and nothing...


      i use the last release of edge animate CC 2015.

      i dont know problem...

      my trouble it' bign because my client and the object desk i animated it's for a tipically user of mac adn ipad!!!!!!!!!!

      i'm KAPUT, if my animation dont work on IPAD!:...i not test i MAC...

      Please help me.


      this it link

      LaMontalcini - animator 1.0