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    PE does not recognize my ASUS Blu Ray burner.


      It DOES recognize the recorder as a DVD recorder but when I switch over to Hi Def the recognition goes away. So I tried to record a short video using my NERO and I was successful burning an HD disk. ASUS BW-12B1ST a, internal recorder. Win 8, GeForce GTX 970, PE 13, i5 4440S

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          Premiere Elements 13 on Windows 8 (assumed 64 bit)....


          A frequent remedy for this type of situation is to



          In the case of Premiere Elements 13, do not install the 13.1 Update until you are sure that 13 is working in every way.


          Do you have access to a USB external Blu-ray DVD/CD burner?


          Please consider and then we can decide what next based on the details in your reply.


          Thank you.



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            Note: this is the original thread, duplicated one is found disk burners


            If you look at the Adobe document on Premiere Elements supported devices, we do not see any Asus burner products listed there.

            Supported devices | Adobe Premiere Elements

            Not sure when and if this document has been updated. The absence of the Asus brand could be:

            a. Adobe just did not test that burner in Premiere Elements yet


            b. Anus brand burners are not supported by Premiere Elements.

            I suspect "a" and do not have a Asus burner. I am using an internal LG Blu-ray DVD/CD burner (12X).


            The Premiere Elements burner recognition issue can impact any brand burner in any Premiere Elements version on any computer operating system, depending on a lot of factors, many of which never get determined. But, what I have suggested in post 1 to which you have not replied has resolved the issue for several.


            Please consider. The answers are in the specifics of your Premiere Elements in your computer environment.


            You present a valid question to the community, asking for those with Anus burners to come forward with first hand information on Anus brand and Premiere Elements burner recognition. But, in the meanwhile, let us see if we can resolve the issue as suggested.


            Thank you.