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    how do i uninstall 'creative cloud' malware?

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      i have LR6 and Photoshop CS6 installed on my computer as standalone, perpetual-license programs. Somehow, about a month ago, adobe installed 'creative cloud' malware on my computer. i saw icons appear for it, but did nothing to engage it, and had no idea what it was for. Now, the software has taken over my program, and I am unable to get into my installed Lightroom application. I am locked out. If i try to open LR, i get an Adobe Software installation 'agreement' interface, which says i must agree to use creative cloud and this software is part of it, blah, blah. It will not let me use my own installed applications. Frankly, this is shocking to me that adobe would be doing this kind of backdoor thing. It really is malware. Now, I cannot get creative cloud (i HATE that phrase) off my computer. My work has been derailed for 3 days.  Any help? I was instructed to uninstall from my computer uninstall program, but lo and behold, I get a circular message that says i cannot uninstall the CC because there are still programs that use it. I have no idea what to do next, and my multiple pleas for assistance at adobe Tech support have failed to move them.

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          Before LR6 the two machines per license was on the honor system, now you sign-in (even with the Perpetual License).  Any update requires you to re-enter the license #.  Sign in and you get the screen below, then click on the “License This Software” and re-enter the license #.  

          LR CC Trial-License.jpg

          It is enough of a pain that I use LR5.7 for most of my work. And only go to LR6 if I need one of LR6’s new features.

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            1. i would like to know if i ALSO would need to uninstall my Lightroom AND IF that would mean I lose my catalog  all of my presets, etc.?? That would be so rotten.

            2. This does not appear to be affecting my Photoshop CS6 - i am still able to open and use that. It is the Lightroom6 that will not open because the 'creative cloud' thing has taken it over.

            3. I DID uninstall CC, BUT Still am blocked from LR. I used the uninstall tool that someone on the forums gave me yesterday, and the creative cloud malware program disappeared from my Windows Programs list --BUT I am STILL GETTING BLOCKED from accessing my Lightroom, by the interface that tries to force me to agree that i want creative cloud in order to use my software.

            4. Note that I never sought or wanted the creative cloud app; i explicitly went to tech support several months ago when i wanted to upgrade to LR6 and asked how to get the desktop LR upgrade WITHOUT having to take creative cloud. They sent me to the link that they said was for the standalone application.

            5. Just as a note: I am so disenchanted with Adobe's official tech support on this. The problem is now a week old, and they do not reply, and the instructions they sent have not done the job, and don't seem to want or care about being accountable. I am seeking help on these forums because the company doesn't offer it. I can't say enough how upsetting that is. And if they were really accessible, i would let them know, but they are not.

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              Bob, your post does not appear to be relevant to what i am talking about.

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                Creative Cloud is malware. Can't get it off. Like fresh gum stuck to your shoe on a hot day.


                Adobe's instruction doesn't help much, if at all.