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    How do I lengthen Ch compositions imported into After Effects?


      I am moving along pretty well learning Ae+Ch but now I have hit a really weird roadblock. Here goes:

      I created a 1 minute clip of head puppet action in Ch, Exported it and imported via Script into Ae, but now its only 31 seconds..

      The amount of frames in the Ch file matches what the Ch frame count had.. My Ch project and Ae project are both 12 FPS so I dont think that should be an issue, and my Ae project is 1 minute long.. I am so lost.


      So I guess I am asking two questions; 1. Am I doing something that may cause a 1 minute Ch clip to only be 31 seconds once imported into Ae?


      And 2. Is there some way to lengthen the Compositions? I come from audio engineering where you can simply copy a song file and add it to the end of the first one but Ae doesnt seem to work that way.


      Any help would be super appreciated, I feel like I have hit a brick wall with this..


      Just ask if I could provide any additional info, screenshots, whatever I am happy to do so