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    In RoboHelp 2015, are there any changes regarding to the CHM files?

    camilaf3199346 Level 1

      I would like to know if there is any considerable change regarding CHM files.

      The only option I use for output is Microsoft HTML Help for generating CHM files. I cannot use others (WebHelp and etc).


      Well, I am using the trial version of RH 2015 but I didn't notice any significant change related to the CHM files.

      The dynamic filter is not applied to it. I am currently using RoboHelp 9, so I am asking you about those changes because I am considering if it is worth changing to RH 2015, because I don't use HTML outputs, I only generate CHM files.


      I am trying to compare both versions and I am trying notice their differences, but if you know some it would be helpful to me.


      Sorry if I commit any mistakes because English is not my mother language. Thanks in advance!