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    3D Camera Tracker works, but only in "3D Tracker Camera" view not "Active Camera" view?


      Here's the rundown of this odd problem. (BTW, I'm running After Effects CC 2014 on Mac OS 10.9.5.)


      Step 1: Load this stock clip into new comp.

      Step 2: Time reverse the clip, since that's the shot I'm looking for.

      Step 3: Apply "3D Camera Tracker" and wait for analysis and camera solve.

      Step 4: Confirm a good-quality track and pick a target area between 3 points

      Step 5: Right click, and select "Create Text and Camera"


      -- SO FAR SO GOOD, BUT THEN... --


      Text element appears in wrong position (elsewhere in comp, several pixels away) and is not appropriately locked to background footage, but instead floats above it like a regular 2D layer. However, if I change my view in the Comp window from "Active Camera" to the now-available "3D Tracker Camera" view, everything looks right. I can then add other elements (text, solids, 3D models using Video Copilot's Element plugin, etc.) and they all work as expected -- but only when viewing comp from "3D Tracker Camera" view. Of course if I try to render, it renders out what the Active Camera sees, which looks wrong. 


      That's the odd thing. The analysis, camera solve, etc seem to all work fine. But if I can only view it correctly in "3D Tracker Camera" view, and not "Active Camera," then I'm not able to render it out successfully. I've tried various tutorials on the subject, and been able to successfully replicate for example this one, without running into this Active Camera quirk. On my on comp though, it's another story. Thanks for any suggestions.