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    Nvidia Quadro OR GeForce series better for Lightroom?


      Hello all,


      I'm looking for new grafic card to work with Adobe Lightroom 6, no games. I try to select between Quadro K1200 (400€) and GeForce gtx 750ti (200€). As you can see Quadro has double price. I think they both support Open GL of Lightroom for hardware acceleration. Nvidia states, that Quadro cadrs were developed for "professional applications" and GeForce for gaming. Under "profesional applications" mostly mean CAD systems and other 3D Engineering programms, but I didn't find any explicit information, that Quadro were also developed for photo editing applications. The only advantage of Quadro from technical point of view - they offer pure 10 bit per color output, but in order to use this a 10-bit monitor also needed I mean Quadro card costs double of Geforce - does it also double better, or probably Geforce also doing good job with Adobe? Has somebody experience with Quardo and Geforce at same time?