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    Motion Blur is simply not operational in AE CC 2015


      I am using AE CC 2015 on a 2014 Mac Pro. I simply cannot get motion blur to work specifically on this computer. Below is a list of confirmations Ive made before creating this discussion.


      -I have motion blur enabled on both the individual layer and the composition.

      -Motion blur is applied to layers that are moving, it doesn't matter if its applied to an image file, solid, video, text, vector, pre-comp, it simply does not work on this computer.
      -I can successfully create a project with motion blur on another machine, but once I open that project on this Mac Pro, the blurring is gone!
      -Previous versions of AE installed on this machine ran into this exact same issue.


      Can anyone direct me to the source of this problem? Its clear that its a systemic issue and not something specifically wrong with the application. Is there some relation to motion blur and my video card/system preferences? Is there a possible issue with my preference selection within the application?

      Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated, this has been an ongoing problem that has me truly stumped!