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    Custom Actions XML Definition File

      Does anybody knows where can be found the sintax for the XML Definition Files that the Action Script CutomActions.install() method imports ?

      They don't say anything about the sintax for this file, they just give this example:

      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <folder version="7" id="DogClass" index="true" name="Dog" tiptext="Dog Class">
      <string version="7" id="getFleas" name="getFleas" tiptext="gets number of fleas" text=".getFleas(% fleas %)" />
      <identifier text=".getFleas" />
      <typeinfo pattern=" _dog" object="Dog"/>

      As far as i have found googling, there are plenty of undocumented tags and properies (index, sort, helpid, id, name, colorsyntac, codehints, etc.)

      Thanks you a lot!