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    Re-installing Flash Player after uninstalling it - Windows 8.1


      I was having a lot of problems with Flash Player in all of my browsers, and wasn't able to get it working right. So, I followed the Adobe youtube video by Chris Campbell on how to do a clean install of Flash Player. Step 1 is to completely uninstall Flash Player, which I've done. However, when I get to the point where I need to download the latest version to re-install it, I get the following:


      Flash Player is integrated with Internet Explorer in Windows 8.

      You do not need to install Flash Player.


      When I try to troubleshoot, it says I don't have it installed (which I already knew) and links me to a page asking if I want to install it. When I click to download the latest version, it takes me back to the page telling me that it is part of Internet Explorer.


      How can I reinstall it?