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    Paragraph leading and spacing acting strange?

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      Hey all,


      So I've worked my way through several InDesign books and the lynda basic training cc videos, and I'm now doing the "How to Design a Book" series. (This is the 2015 update of ID CC, btw.) The last one is what I've been trying to find for quite a while-- a beginning to end book project that both shows what to do step by step *and* explains the underlying concepts behind WHY things are done in a certain way in ID. It's a great series, but there's one problem: the final product does not have any space between paragraphs, and there is very little leading between lines. Everything looks squished together, and this is the way that it's supposed to look in this project, so they won't show how to do it differently.  This is going to provide a less pleasant reading experience for readers with certain types of visual disabilities (as I should know, because I'm one of them.) There needs to be a small amount of space between paragraphs and/or more space between lines to avoid the squashed-together look.


      The problem I'm having is that when I go in and redefine the body text style to have one point more leading (15 to 16), the difference in the amount of space between the lines is huge, much more than just one point. Adding one point to "space before" and/or "space after" kind of does the same thing... there's a LARGE space between paragraphs, much more than one point's worth. The question is: why is this happening and how to fix it so that there is more space between lines and paragraphs, but not such a huge space? It seems like there has to be a solution to this. It just seems like the only choice can't be between squashed together text on the one hand and enormous white spaces on the other. In both leading and spacing, adding one point seems to be actually translating as adding more like 10, and this does not seem right. Does anyone know what could be happening here? I can post pics if anyone wants to see them.