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    MM NumericStepper Bug


      I'm having a strange behaviour with the NumericStepper placed inside a non-modal Window.
      I have made a setup in which I have a "stage" with placed objects. When one object is selected, I show its parameters in a window created via the PopupManager. An event is fired up to update the content of the window.
      When one object is selected after an other (the contentpath of the Window is replaced with the new parameters set or the same) the value of the NumericStepper is changed correctly, but the display of it (Label or inputField?) disappear.
      And worse, when I force a redraw on the component, (with myValue_ns.redraw(true); ) the downArrow shows below the component... (an other bug?)
      Is there a way to force the Label or inputField to redraw? Or what should I do to have a normal behaviour??

      Any idea is welcome!!
      thanks all!