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    Preparing for working for 5 weeks without internet access!

    ianbutty Level 1

      Ok here's the situation.  I am going to be on a cruise ship for 5 weeks lecturing on photography.  Yeah I know it's a tough job but someone's go to do it!!  I won't have internet access while on board ship - not at £75 for just 4hrs of access!!


      While it is technically possible to take the laptop to say an internet cafe when we are on shore - the reality is that this probably won't happen, shore time is relatively limited and when I am ashore I really need to be photographing the location and not wandering around with a laptop and iPad trying to find internet access.  Besides which it's not the lightest of Laptops and my camera bag and tripod already weigh enough!


      I need to make sure that Lightroom doesn't stop working as I need it not only for processing images but also for some of my lectures on board.  I have the full Adobe CC subscription - I know that LR and PS like to 'check back' to make sure it is authorised every so often. How frequently? Can I 'force a check back' before I go off line.  (Eg if it is every 8 weeks and the check is due 2 days after sailing I'm in big trouble).   What do I need to do ensure I am not left without access to the software?


      Secondly how do I sync to Lightroom Mobile?  I know the normal route is via the cloud, but without internet access, is there anyway to do it via an "adhoc network" between the two devices.


      Anything else anyone can think of that I need to be aware of when using LR on laptop / ipad without internet access for this length of time?