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    _root.url doesn't work with IE 6?


      I'm hoping someone else has noticed this (or that Adobe knows of this bug)...

      The problem:

      I have code that uses _root.url to determine the name of my SWF file, then uses that info to look for a corresponding XML file and a corresponding content folder. - So, in other words, if the SWF file is named "Demo01.swf" - then it looks for a corresponding XML file named "Demo01.xml" and a content folder named "Demo01".

      It works perfectly in EVERY browser except IE 6.0 (I've checked it in old Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla, IE 7, etc.).

      I'd post the code - but it's ridiculously simple - so I don't think the problem is there. (It simply takes the name, cuts off the "swf" and appends "xml" and looks for that to load the XML data, etc.)

      Does anyone have any idea why this would work in every browser except IE 6?

      Any help is appreciated (including guesses).