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    Layers Switching Randomly


      My project ways playing smoothly until I added motion paths to a few more of my layers. Now, when I render and play through, the layers begin switching their order. One layer will suddenly come to the top for a few seconds, and then another, then another, continuing randomly throughout the 20 sec long animation. Does anyone have an idea of why this happened, and how I can fix it? Is it a common problem? It appears to me to be some kind of glitch, but maybe I made a mistake. If you have any ideas or advice, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I've never heard of that happening.

          What do you mean when you say "added motion paths"?

          What version of AE (down to the last decimal)?

          What OS? What are your system specs?

          Can you show an example video of the issue?

          When you say the layers are switching their order, do you mean in the timeline panel or just in the comp viewer?

          Are these all, 3d layers or all 2d or a mix?

          What third-party plugins are installed?
          What effects are you using in the comp?