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    InDesign Server Load Balancing Queue (LBQ)


      We are trying to use Adobe InDesign Server Load Balancing Queue (LBQ) on a Windows Server.  The LBQ starts and funcitons, but it stops for unknown reason and we need to restart it.  Is there something we need to do to make sure it continues to run and not shut down?

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          Hey there,


          What version of LBQ are you using? Also, what version of Java are you using as well? I've found some running issues with any JVM over 7_46. I need to test 8/9 to see if the problems have been resolved.


          Also, if you are running the clover.cmd from a command prompt and log out of the server then yes your LBQ service will shutdown. I use 'nssm' (non-sucking service manager) to run the clover.cmd process as a server. I have it working on a couple of production systems and it's working like a charm.


          HTH some.