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    From LR3 to CCLR: My Photo Library and Cats 20% lost files: upgrade /start over?


      If I have approximately 80% of my LR catalogue working and the rest with ? i.e. lost connections (user error/hired a tech who wiped out a LR Backup 1T drive!),

      should I keep Catalogue 1 and 2 (both in the same shape). Or should I Create a new catalogue upon downloading my upgraded LRCC2015?


      I was told to move all original images to an external hard drive from my internal. Name it Photo Library Working. Then import all to LR6 with all the settings I will study up on some more. Like : save as DNG, create previews, make a new preset for generic imports with my copyright and contact information, add keywords relate to every photo in import ( non for first import of whole Photo Library. 


      I am making assumption that LR won't import duplicates once it starts importing from  my Photo Library Working. I plan on having three external drives for LR: one for original images/videos/ one for Lightroom Library Working/ one for LR Backup.  I have been shooting mainly jpgs but have four years/ five imports /year NEF files saved to dng. So I don't think I have such a large library.  I think I have a big duplication problem from making folders and importing wrong, changing my system as LR evolved and I bought new training books or online training. 



      I am following George Jardine's method and also boning up on Adobe TV LR and Photoshop changes since LR 3 and PS 5. 


      My main question is:  Should I start with no catalogue and choose create a new catalogue?  Or should I keep the 2000-2015 images in two catalogues and upgrade them. Then Create a new Catalogue and choose the newest each time. I would much prefer to be able to see all my photos in one library. By moving all photos into a new Photo Library on external drive, then Creating a new Catalogue with LR6.


      What is the best method?  I have keywords and edits in my current two messed up Catalogs which have original images somewhere in my Picture folder with many names. I will use yyyy_mm_dd_topic_in the future.  And hope I will finally have a workable Library and Catalogue.


      Learning curve and growing pains of LR during first four years. Rules by trainers kept changing on me.

      Thanking anyone with advice in advance.  Am pretty proficient in developing , keywords, Photoshop, and Bridge. Will be using LR instead of Bridge in future.;}