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    Clips blurry in preview, fine after exporting to computer


      On my old PC I used to edit with Premiere Elements 10 with no problems; used it for years and it worked fine. After I got my new PC and reinstalled it all of my clips are inserted blurry (see below) and I can't seem to fix it. All the research I've done says to render the clips in the timeline (which I've tried to no avail), or choose different presets when the project is created (which I'm not prompted to do).


      To be clear, I'm using the same recording software and settings as on my previous PC, my new PC is a huge upgrade so I doubt it's a hardware problem, and the videos export to my PC fine (see below), and I am using a legally purchased version of premiere from a disc.


      If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.


      Thanks, Tristan



      Visual reference:

      Premiere preview -- http://puu.sh/jAGjH/f57c6c8a38.jpg

      After export -- http://puu.sh/jAGnp/45e3dbcdff.jpg