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    Files won't move within Lightroom 6

    Drew Stauss

      Ever since the update to Lightroom 6, I can no longer consistently sort images.  For example, I import my images from a card into a new folder, then create additional folders within the new folder via right clicking on the previous created folder and selecting "add folder." When I try to drag an image to the new folder I get the cursor change to the "+" symbol and it acts normally except the file never moves to the new folder.

      I've used lightroom almost every day since its inception, so it's not new to me -- and it has worked properly in every previous version.  I'm dragging the image, not the grey box; I've created all the folders WITH lightroom; I've double checked that read/write permissions are granted; I've optimized the catalog; I've downloaded and installed the latest version, and the latest operating system;  I've read several forum threads -- none seem to pertain.


      Any idea what it might be?



      I'm on a MacBook Pro, running 10.10.4 with a 2.6ghz, i7 processor with 16 gigs of memory and plenty of room on the hard drive.


      This problem started with the upgrade to Lightroom 6.