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    loadmovienum and gotoandplay help

    MrLeche Level 1
      hi, my question is basically simple, it's just a GotoAndPlay from a LoadMovieNum... how can I trigger the button to control the main movie?

      here's the scenario:

      I have a movie called BgAndMenu.swf who has labels on frames 1, 50, and 100 named start, mid, and end respectively. Then it basically stops to frame 25 with a stop() actionscript then triggers another movie named content1.swf, the actionscript is LoadMovieNum content1.swf level 10. everything loads fine.

      then on the content1.swf, there is a button that should trigger the movie to unload and basically should move the BgAndMenu.swf to the frame labeled mid. I can;t get it to happen this is the one I tried on content1.swf's button:

      ist line on release (mouse event)
      2nd line GotoAndPlay > frame label > mid
      3rd line unloadmovienum > level > 10

      when i hit the button, it unloads the content1.swf movie but doesn't move the main movie to frame "mid" I got the idea the button only tried to locate the frame mid on the content1.swf itself and not the BgAndMenu.swf

      How do I make it possible? thanks!
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          2nd line should target _level0 and should use gotoAndPlay (case counts):

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            MrLeche Level 1
            Hi, Thank you. Although I can copy paste your code into the actionscript field, Can you tell me how to do it with the "script assist" enabled? if it's not too much to ask. thanks!
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              whoa, that's a major pain if you're going to use script assist. i had no idea how hard it is to use that until you asked your question and i opened flash to try it:

              actionscript 2.0 classes/Movie/MovieClip/Methods/gotoAndPlay

              object is _level0.

              but i'd strongly recommend not using script assist. flash automatically colors it methods and keywords as you type them so you can catch typos/case mismatches etc by looking at the keywords as you type. if they're not colored, you mistyped. now check in the flash help file.
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                MrLeche Level 1
                hi sir, yeah I get that a lot. But I started learning flash since 4 and never really had a formal study of actionscripting. I also didn't bother to look for changes but I have purchased 5.0, MX, MX2000( i think) and 8.

                I'm still the old simple ac scripter which uses the same old gotoandplay, telltarget ifframeloaded loadmovienum and unloadmovie :)

                For me it seems that kind of actionscripting which has dots and underscores are like programming to me. I started as a designer basically circles thru photoshop, flash and dreamweaver, lately I'm into PHP and MySQL but never had any programming languages before so I find really amazing when people just tell these codes by underscores and dots all in one line and voila, what I wnated to achieve is done in a zap.

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  oh i understand using "easy mode" from flash 5 days when flash had helpful code suggestions. but once mm released flash mx (and easy mode disappeared) it became more difficult to avoid learning actionscript.