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    Lightroom in the future


      Hello there

      I have heard that the Lightroom 6 is the last one in serie of Lightroom and there will be no no. 7.

      Anybody know if this is true?

      Long time I have been looking foreward to Lightroom 6, because I heard that there would be a "haze" slider in the program.

      Now it's there the slider only seems to be in the cloud version and not in the stand alone installation. Sad I think and now I have decided to wait for Lightroom 7. Because I expect that the "haze" slider will be inthere.

      But now somebody on the net, told me that there will be no Lightroom 7 and it will turn into CC only and Photoshop CC and Lightroom will melt together.

      Is this realy true?

      If this turns out to be wright I will reconsider bying Lightroom at all, because my use of Lightroom does not justify paying 9.99 pr. Moth for the cloud version.

      And I will maybe have to look for another solution.


      Hope that somebody can tell me the truth inhere.


      Thanks in advance.


      Sorry for my spelings, but I'm not American og English, but hope my question is clear and understood.


      WIth my Best Regards


      Kurt Jensen


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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't recall reading anywhere that indicates that there will not be a Lightroom 7. It hasn't been announced by Adobe that that is true. Unfortunately, you will simply have to wait and see what develops.


          Adobe has made it abundantly clear that there will not be feature updates to Lightroom 6. There will be bug fixes and support for new cameras, but there will be no new features. This really is no different than it has been the past. Lightroom has historically just had those bug fixes and support for new cameras in the dot releases. New features have always been introduced in new major upgrades to the program. So there really is nothing new in that regard.


          Adobe's policy is what it is. Personally I think the creative cloud plan is an excellent value. Photoshop and Lightroom for $9.99/month. That's a hard price to beat for two quality programs. It isn't likely, in my opinion, that Adobe will abandon this plan because it is proving to be very successful. But you will have to make that choice for what is best in your situation.