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    Problems migrating a site


      I am new to BC and am in need of some help. I built a site using a template from Tribevita and now want to publish it to an existiing paid site. I tried downloading it to Dreamweaver and then uploading it but the products did not come over. and the site only show one page with not formating. Any ideas how to make it work?

      Thanks Mark

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          Did you get this resolved?  Is your Dreamweaver connected to your Business Catalyst?  Most of the time, I end up uploading the site via FTP if I built it out in Dreamweaver. Have you tried that?  I think thats the only way you are going to get all of the files for the site to BC.  Also, BC has some requirements for uploading product and catalogs, so make sure you visit the BC side of the site and download the template you need to upload product, otherwise it wont let you. Sorry. Here is a video tutorial for you on that: How to Import Products to Business Catalyst