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    how can i find a part, does Lynda help?

      where or  when does the training start what steps actually work in program with nothing preset in (no training material)

      and you cannot find or use the import button ... until your time is just about up and then as if it were there all along it appears but now it is too late ... what is on the roof? a fiddler?? why ... I don't get program protocol why does it want so much user ident and then if you are lost in your program  ... the program will ask for all of that ident all over again .... can I program so that I can begin in  a trial environment where some of the program elements have already been entered in what  are the first 12 elements what is Element 13 why indeed is adobe making the software so exceedingly difficult to actually use??   What is html ...if I forget where can I go and get my direction again

      what are steps I can take to see something saved in file for next time??  why don't the links work