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    new Lenovo P50/P70...


      What do you think guys about this laptop for edeting with CC2015 ?   http://news.lenovo.com/news+releases/lenovo-thinkpad-p50-p70.htm

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          On the surface they look great but what is the cost going to be?  One major problem I see is the mistaken idea the Quadro graphics is the way to go.  Who in their right mind would want a single Xeon processor (even thought it is a new SkyLake)?.


          Plus side PCIe M.2 storage, 64 GB of RAM, up to 4 storage devices


          Has Adobe worked out a way to use the optional 4K 17" display or do you need a magnifying glass.

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            kabtv Level 1

            starting at 1599$ for the 15'' and  1999$ for the 17''


            What do you think about this one then: Notebook - The best gaming notebook provider:

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              I like the nVidia GTX 980M and a I7 CPU, but a 15.6" 4K display????  Also in the much newer design of the Lenovo you have the newer and much better M.2 PCIe storage ports.  ASUS should be introducing a new SkyLake based laptop soon   If you are not in a hurry (these are not going to be available until 4th Quarter anyway)I would wait another 60-90 days or so to see who else has Skylake laptops. And maybe you can get the best new generation storage and all the other Skylake pluses.


              I a quick search I cannot even find out yet if those E3-1500M are even quad core and or the clock speeds.


              Another concern I have with Xeon's, will you have to have more expensive ECC memory?

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                guhkloo19981832 Level 1

                When launching PS on my Lenovo P70  i've noticed, that GPU activity icon in system tray shows up weird process: sniffer.exe, instead of prospective PS. It seems, that this file somehow interfere with a whole system. Sucker located here:

                C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\sniffer.exe


                You can rename or even delete it (without aftermath), then launch PS. After this weird manipulation software will recognize Nvidia chip, but you have to wait additional 5-7 seconds in a stucking freeze.


                Same delays awaits you when you try to launch external plugins, which are using GPU acceleration.


                So, all these actions, is a half measure. You take more knowledge regarding this process from Lenovo P70 Manual.