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    JSFL Support for "Convert To Other Document Formats" Command

    drkstr_1 Level 4



      I am trying to automate a workflow in Flash CC 2015. To do this I need to create a JSFL command to run the "Convert To Other Document Formats" command against some specific settings.


      In Flash CC 14x, I could read the jsfl source for the command and go from there. In Flash CC 15x, this command seems to be a binary file, and I am unsure how to go about calling the needed commands.


      Basically I need something like this:


      // Main function
      (function (documents){
          for (doc in documents) { 
              // call "Convert To Other Document Formats" command with correct args


      But I can't find anywhere that documents the correct arguments to pass to that command.


      Any ideas where I can find this information?



      Cheers and thanks for your time!