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    Inserted photo's X and Y coordinates are relative to document instead of frame

    jp1807 Level 1

      I switched to InDesign about a year ago.


      I have always been able to put a frame anywhere on the page, place a photo in the frame, then enter the X and Y location relative to the top and left edge of the frame.  In other words, if I typed in 0 for both, the photo would reposition so the very top and left edges were at the top and left edges of the frame.


      Now, somehow I've changed it so that it is relative to the edge of the document.  If I insert a photo into a frame in the lower right part of the document and enter 0 for both X and Y location coordinates, the photo will not be visible in the frame because it will move out of view to the top left edge of the document instead of the top left edge of the frame.  This is SO frustrating and I have spent hours and hours trying for figure out how to change this back to being relative to the frame instead of the document.  Surely it's something simple.  Help!