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    Is there a way to make a logo animation only play on load of the home page, but after you click back thru the pages it stays at the end of the animation and not replay again?

    Suzy Creighton Level 1


      I've created an animation I like for my home page. I would like it to just play from the end of the animation (final image) after someone clicks back and forth from other pages. How do I do that? It plays each time the home page is clicked and I only want it to play the one time upon loading the site. I would like it to play every time the site is loaded but not while a person is navigating thru the site. I would only like it to animate that 1 time upon the initial load. If say you click from the contact page back to the home page... I would like it to look like the last frame of the animation. How do I do this??


      I thought about doing a replay from, extending the animation 1 second and then have it loop from the 3 second point where the last frame ends... but I'm thinking it'll still load newly when clicked or going back to the page. I'm thinking I need an upon reload code/trigger of some kind.







      I'm using Edge Animate 2015 and placing it in Muse 2015