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    base align

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      is there any way to base align columns via script


      Capture.PNGthe image shows my layout

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          S Hopkins Adobe Community Professional

          Set the vertical balance columns for the text frame's text frame preferences.

          In ExtendScript:

          var frameRef = app.selection[0];

          frameRef.textFramePreferences.verticalBalanceColumns = true;


          In AppleScript:

          tell application "Adobe InDesign CC 2015"

            set selList to selection

            set frameRef to item 1 of selList

            tell text frame preferences of frameRef

            set vertical balance columns to true

            end tell

          end tell

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            Is this possible via java script

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              var doc  =app.activeDocument;

              var tFrame = app.selection[0];





              while(tFrame.overflows == false)



                var newBt =  (tFrame.geometricBounds[0] + tFrame.geometricBounds[2])/2;

                tFrame.geometricBounds = [tFrame.geometricBounds[0], tFrame.geometricBounds[1], newBt, tFrame.geometricBounds[3]];


                error = true;






              while(tFrame.overflows == true)


                  x = tFrame.geometricBounds[0]; y = tFrame.geometricBounds[1]; z = tFrame.geometricBounds[3]; a = tFrame.geometricBounds[2]       

                  tFrame.geometricBounds = [x, y, a+1, z];