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    Director MX & DVD video

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      I bought MX a couple of years ago for a particular project, but I've
      kept using 8.5 for most of my work, simply because I've got a few xtras
      I use a lot that won't work in MX.

      I've now got a project, though, that is primarily DVD video. The client
      simply wants us to make it "more interactive and user friendly."
      Assuming I want to keep the full-screen video they've got, is MX the way
      to go? I've never used the DVD capabilities of MX before. Have you
      guys found that it works pretty well? What kinds of issues have you run
      into with it?

      Also, I'm getting a little nervous about continuing to do any work in
      Director, seeing as how Adobe has pretty much just dropped any support
      for it. When Vista comes out, are any of our programs going to work?

      Thanks for any advice.