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    How can I put a php page inside a div in Edge Animate


      Guys ! help me ! hahah

      first. Sorry about my english ...


      I want create a "compact site" and to it I need put a php page (from wordpress) inside a div in Edge Animate. How can I do this ?

      I searched about it and find something like "call a asynchronous ajax" but don't find how =( god.. i'm lost


      I found this code and I put it on "creationcomplete" but not work


      url: 'page.php',

      dataType: 'json',

      success: function(data) {






      how can I do the code to do it ?


      I need call my index (wordpress) inside the div called "iframe" in Edge animate



      At this moment i'm using a iframe to do how i want to look. U can see this here in my preview 

      sym.$("iframe").append('<iframe name="principal" id="iframe1" src="http://7fases.zz.mu" height="100%" width="1258px" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes"></iframe>');


      PS. my version of edge animate is cc 2015




      Can u help me please ?


      thanks !