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    A part of the overlays don't work




      A part of the overlays in my Indesign CC 2015 doesn't work: Pan & Zoom, Scrolling Frame, Web Content.


      I create a container, place a picture in it and then I want to select Pan & Zoom for the container, but I can't do it, because I can't select the buttons (they are grey). When I create a container and then select web content, I can fill in the webadress and I can select anything else, but the web content will not displayed in preview or publish online; same problem with scrollable frames. I'm looking for a solution since four days, but I didn't find any similar problem. I watched a lot of tutorials about pan 6 soon and scrollable frames and did everything, they showed, step by step, but I doesn't work.

      Hope, you can help.



      Stefan (from Bavaria)