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    Loadfile() can not load local file?

    WrongAgain Level 1
      My program runs OK in Director, also OK on web, but can not work in local. It is said after publish as Shockwave file and HTML, when Director run the HTML automatically, the DCR file in HTML works fail. I search for reason, find it is because a sentence in program:

      In Director, it works. myModel.W3D is “file:///D:/MyDirectoty/myModel.W3D”.On Web, it is OK too. At that time, myMode.W3D is in fact “ http://www.myWebSite.com/MyProgramDirectory/myModel.W3D”. But if I open the published HTML, the loadfile() can not work. Why?

      Is it because of safety reason, MacroMeadia let loadFile() can not load local file, or there is some error in my program? How can I let my program work in local?