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    printing the correct size


      every time i print out my photos at a store for some reason my photos get cropped. is there anything i can do to avoid this problem when i export my photos in lightroom 5.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The two possible problem areas I can think of, are:


          1)      Your photos are not in the same aspect ratio as the paper—4x6 vs 8x10 (which is 4x5) for example.  You change this in the Crop settings.


          2)      Your photos are being printed using borderless at the store, which will always enlarge the photo slightly beyond the edges of the paper so there is no border.  You can plan ahead and always have a little extra around the edges once you know about how much will be cropped off.

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            franciscot7815345 Level 1

            it might be the ratio. do you know of any tutorial on youtube or anywhere that can show me step by step on how to do it. because i did the second step that you told me and i still had the same problem.

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              What Store are you using?

              Is it an Online system you are uploading the images to?

              Is there any options like an option not to resize, crop your images and just Print them with white boarders where the aspect ratio doesn't Fill and or Fit the paper size?

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                billpiekney Level 1

                I have a similar problem.. Printing to letter size paper on an Epson 4800 from a Mac produces a good image.  Go a larger paper, say 11x17 or 16x20 and I get only a small image in the lower corner, which is cropped at both sides.  The image on this larger paper is about the same size as the 8.5x11 with the rest being blank.  Print from Preview or Nikon's View NX2 and it comes out perfectly.  I can't find an answer any where on the web or on the forums with a solution.  Adobe has not been helpful.  This seems to be a LR5 issue and NOT a Mac or Epson one.  Any suggestions or ideas?

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                  billpiekney Level 1

                  By the way, this issue just came up out of the blue.  Things were working fine before...