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    Paste in place on every other page? [JS] [CS6]

    Shaunre Level 1

      Recently I made a request for a script that converts all text to outlines (even if it's in a group) and this works wonderfully but our document code which displays the appropriate page number on any given page reverts back to the default "L" or "R" (as you would expect). the document codes sometimes alternate for the left page and right page which is why the "every other page" is necessary.


      I think I have a good idea, which is to make a script which takes the object on the clipboard and pastes it in place on every other page starting with the active page (not defaulting to the first page), so when I need to paste the alternate document code, or even something in place on every single page (like our watermark which needs to be in the same spot on every page), all i need to do is run the script a second time after I move to page 2 if I started on page 1 for example.


      I think this sounds pretty simple and at first I thought that maybe even it's something that has been done before, but I've done a lot of searching and to my surprise I can't seem to find any relevant scripts, even for a "paste in place to all pages" as I was hoping I could edit that or share it with you guys so it could aid you in making this particular script.




      Anyway. I appreciate any help on this. Thanks!