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    How do I export to PDF with crop marks *and* high image resolution?


      Hi - first of all, apologies - I have another query up here and this is a related matter. Because I've been unable to solve that problem, which is with InDesign CS5, I've downloaded the InDesign CC trial, as I'm working to a deadline.


      OK, so I'm used to being able to export high quality PDFs with crop marks in CS5. That's what I want to do with my file.


      In InDesign CC, it seems that if I simply 'export', I am given no option to add crop marks, even if the file is set to have a bleed.


      If I instead 'print' to Adobe PDF, I *can* add crop marks. However, I then lose the option to export the images at a high (300DPI) resolution, and they come out pixelated.


      Perhaps I'm missing something, but at the moment it seems to me that I have a choice of high quality images but no crop marks, or crop marks and low quality images!


      Any help appreciated!