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    Wacom intuos pen lag on sliders in Lightroom CC 2015

    backyardprod Level 1

      I've just upgraded to Windows 10 from 7 on 64bit system. I have the latest LR CC2015. I just tried my Wacom Intuos 3 pen and while the stylus moves the mouse pointer around fine, when I try to select a slider in the basic panel, for instance, nothing happens for about 2 seconds and then finally I can move the slider. With my normal mouse, it is fine. Taps work ok as well so I can tap somewhere in the slider scale and it will jump to there - it just won't pick up the slider and move smoothly.


      I uninstalled my Wacom driver, restarted and installed the latest drivers from the Wacom site, but it made no difference to this issue. Tried in Photoshop CC and the sliders there have a very slight lag - certainly less than a second.


      I didn't have this before I upgraded to Windows 10, but there was also a LR CC update recently and so it could have been that.


      Any thoughts or ideas?